C1 Upper Thigh Straps

C1 Upper Thigh Straps

One pair of upper thigh straps for your C1 canoe. Comes with adjustable ladderlock buckles for easy entry, and quick release cam buckle with grab loop for emergency exit. Webbing bridge, and fixings included.

Red webbing stands out easily against most water clothing, and the yellow grab loop stands out for emergency release. The webbing is made from 50mm polypropelene. Ladderlock buckles have combined break strength of 180kgs. The quick release is now stainless steel.(see 4th photograph).

C1 thigh straps have always been hard to source. I have made straps using divers buckles, snowboard bindings, aeroplane seatbelts and chest harnesses. The results have always been the same. They rust, they seize up, they fail. There has been no single do all solution, until now...

Over the years I have developed a set of lower and upper thigh straps that are fully adjustable, easy to get in and out of, and have the all important quick release. Importantly, these will not rust.

Without the need for a foam bulkhead, the boat transforms itself into an anybody can have a go boat. It only takes seconds to adjust all of the straps, taking the fun of c-boating to the masses. The small girl can get into the big guys c1 and try it out and wont rattle around and vice versa.

Do they work?
Yes they do. I regularly use these in ocean surf and they work well. After two hours in the saddle, and around a dozen rolls, these straps have barely moved. The best I have used to date.