Inflatable Bulkhead

Inflatable Bulkhead

This is it. Inflatable bulkhead which covers your thighs and fills the space around them. I really wanted the bulkhead to eliminate the need for straps, which will give more options to all paddlers. It is a success. The inflatable bulkhead really does replace the straps. The wet exit is far easier than even I imagined. It does not hold you at all. It should be tethered front and back.

- Light weight 210D Thermoplastic Poly Urethane (TPU) Hight Tenacity Nylon Fabric -Black and Red

- Urethane fill tube with micro valve (no more broken/lost screw caps)

- 12mm HF welded seams

- Total width 860mm
- Total height 690mm
- Width between thighs 220mm

- 2 X Tie down points. One between legs, one at top to tie down towards the bow.

- Repairable/Recyclable, bags can be patched and re-sealed.

- One year warranty single layer bags, after that repairs/replacements will be quoted for a minimal cost.

All Bags are made to order,

Dispatch usually takes 5 working days