Made to Measure C1 Saddle - Ultimate Kit

Made to Measure C1 Saddle - Ultimate Kit

This kit is the Ultimate Kit to get your C1 coversion going. The saddle can be fitted without any screws or bolts due to it being made to fit your boat. You do have to do a bit of work though. You will need to cut and glue the foam backrest to suit your boat. I will help you with this by pre cutting the foam to make it easier you for you.

For a super strong fit, the kit includes pvc dowels with stainless threaded bars to fasten to the front and rear pillars, and aluminium to fasten to the hull.

The Ultimate Kit includes:

Made to Measure saddle
Foam seat and backrest
Foam knee pads
Foam padding for underside of saddle
C1 Hip Pads
C1 upper thigh straps
C1 Knee straps
Thigh strap anchors
Knee strap anchors
1m Aluminium 20mm X 3mm to fasten and shape to the hull
2x pvc dowels with threaded bars
Selection of stainless nuts, bolts and washers.