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Basic Saddle Package


Basic package comes with:
Universal C1 saddle
Choice of colour of saddle base
1x C1 Kayak Conversions Sticker
1x c1/kayak/canoe ID Tag

Perfect for the DIYer

If your country doesn't show on the order page please contact c1kayakconversions@gmail.com

Finally, a proper solution to converting your kayak to C1.

This fibreglass saddle fit easily in almost all kayaks, can be customised to match your boat's colour, and is really strong giving the ability to bolt straps and accessories to with ease.

You can choose the ultimate saddle package which gives you everything you need to convert your kayak. Or you can choose the Premier saddle package which comes with no straps or attachments.

This is a really exciting time for C-boating with many new OC1 and OC2 boats coming out, and now with this new C1 saddle system coming to market, it will open up the world of C-boating up affordably to the world.